You can do whatever you want to do – if you just put enough effort, pain, love or time into it!

howl00004“Everybody be cool this is a robbery!”

“Any of you [Swear]-ing [Swear]s move and I’ll execute every [Swear]-ing last one of you!”

Aside from all the profanity, if anyone hasn’t seen Tarantino’s movie “Pulp Fiction”, above was one of the most memorable lines in the opening scenes of it. To add to that, the beginning of the movie is actually the end, and then Tarantino begins to fill in the stories between.

So, that’s what I’m going to do with this post – tell the ending first. In this case, that’s because the ending really doesn’t matter. What DOES matter is everything in between!

WinThis story ends with my feet being so sore that they feel black & blue a day later, and I still feel very tired! Yes, I won the bet, but just barely. My total steps (counted by Fitbit) ended up at 121,733 steps. That comes out to 58.22 miles walked in one week! And my friend-challenger, Jim, was right behind me with 110,447 steps!

Funnily enough, as I sit here right now, I only have 7,286 steps for the day – when over 12,000 steps was my MINIMUM day last week. I would have never got up to that… ever, if it wasn’t for the bet.

The way this bet began was my friend Jim, messaged me, saying he needed a little motivation. I’d like to say we bet on something healthy, like “winner gets a giant salad bought for him.” But we bet for what motivated us at the time… yes, I’m talking beers. (C’mon! What did you expect – guys don’t bet each other salads – it’s either beers or $$!)

I was a little leery at first, because the way it is, I already go walk outside at the mall during lunch twice a week and take my dog for a walk twice a day and then work in my cube on my computer all day. How could I even get any more steps anywhere in a day?! But I was up for motivating us both… so I agreed.

Jim began, knowing he was at a 20,000 loss of steps to me at the time (which is about 2 days worth of my “aimed-for” steps). But little did I know, that the step count is a “rolling week!” 2 days into it, I had a lot more steps than Jim, but the next day I looked at the total and I was down about 20,000 steps from where I had been – one of my “big step days” dropped off of the total! (The Fitbit week doesn’t zero-out at midnight, Sunday. I never noticed that!)

So, shoot! Now we’re almost even – early on in the week. I’ve got to step it up! (No pun intended.)

In the meantime, our mutual friend, Karen, was both cheering and taunting us both. I could tell she wanted in on this competition, because it looked like her steps started increasing too, when ours did. (Sorry, Karen! You get the next bet!). She also mentioned that Jim might be just a little competitive.

Many people may not know it, but I am VERY competitive too! That goes for anything from Whirleyball to bags & boards! So, “game on!”

Throughout the week, Jim and Karen and I had some messaging between us and Jim was catching up (and taunted me so!). Really, most of those days I tried increasing my steps wherever I could, but it wasn’t the main focus of my day. (Poor thinking #1!)  But it wasn’t until the weekend, when Jim and I both realized we had to turn it up! I also got some cheering on the Fitbit app by some other friends at work, which always helps!

2014-08-09 21.31.10-2

Yeah, I may have overdone it…

Come Sunday, it was REALLY close between Jim and I! I had gone to a work party the night before and got home really late, so I didn’t get out of bed until 11am. Darn! Half the day was almost gone and this was neck-and-neck! Stupid…stupid!

2014-08-10 14.03.39 HDRAll I wanted to do was just lay around, having ONE lazy Sunday… instead, I had lunch with my son and then went to the forest preserve to walk around the lake a couple of times – adding up to 2 miles. It is amazing how much nature you can enjoy walking around a lake. Check out a couple of the pics I show here.


Along the path around the lake

Along the path around the lake

After that, I took my dog for a walk and it began to drizzle. Once I took Chewie inside, I knew I needed to get more steps in – because every time I looked at the dreaded Fitbit app, Jim was right there with me in steps!!! I went for another 2 mile walk in the rain and then, I actually took off the soaking wet clothes and put on new ones and went running for another mile and a half. Then, I walked around part of my subdivision again! This was getting crazy! We are literally spending an ENTIRE day just for a bet!


When I got home, I messaged Jim and he said he had chills from overdoing it on the treadmill – and I felt the same way as well as feeling nauseous from all the walking and running. This was killing me. I tried to take a nap after popping some ibuprofen, but couldn’t sleep.

Right around then, I was done. Beat, sore, kind of aggravated for some reason. But, I figured whatever happens, will happen. I put in all I had for this and no matter what, it challenged me to take more steps than I ever had before in one week. I messaged Jim one last time and said I wasn’t going to look at either of our steps again until we get the final tally from the Fitbit email we receive every Monday, telling us our weekly stats and those of our friends. Plus, either way, I get to go have some beers with an old friend.

Of course, the email didn’t come until late afternoon!

Now, rewind to the beginning (the end?) of this post. What I realized is that competition with another (or others) gets you where you can’t usually get to by yourself. I realized it’s more fun to have friends that cheer and taunt you to push you. I also realized the most remarkable thing… what you put great effort, pain, love and time into, really does pay off. It paid off for me and it paid off for Jim. He got the motivation he needed and I got to push myself to a point I didn’t know I could get to.

This lesson can be used for anything in life… career, a relationship, a goal you want to achieve… as I said right above… “what you put great effort, pain, love and time into… really does pay off !”

And this week I plan on taking a step-vacation to let my feet heal and to wait for the next challenge. I thought Jim’s joke to Karen was great… she said she wants to challenge the winner to the next match. Jim replied that she’ll have to challenge the loser first! You got that right!

I am now back to taking Chewie for a FUN walk – not because I HAVE to, but because I see how happy it makes him, and I WANT to.

In my mind… we are ALL winners when we challenge, push and motivate each other!

Jim, I’m looking forward to seeing you for beers Thursday!




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2 Responses to You can do whatever you want to do – if you just put enough effort, pain, love or time into it!

  1. Tami says:

    I loved the idea! I may have to steal it and bet my daughter. If she looses she and her family have to make a trip home. If I loose I will make a trip to Maryland. Either way we both win!!! Great job Mike and Jim!!!


  2. funfitteam says:

    Tami, the best part is that you can bet anything… cleaning house… trip home… whatever you want! But be warned – the competition can get awfully fierce!


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