Training Tips

Here are some resources for running, biking, stretching and whatever else you need for training and fitness:

CARA (Chicago Area Runners Association) website – HUGE list of races, training opportunities and tips for anyone who wants to make regular running part of their routine. (Thanks, for this one, Henrik!)

PBS’s “America’s Walking” site. You can get great training information and there is a very easy-to-follow chart guiding you to walk a marathon in 18 weeks. (Thanks, Alexandra!)

Hal Higdon – Running training, tips, stretches… huge resource from a well-known running guru. (Thanks, Dayna!)

Bicycling Magazine – Bikes, gear, training, nutrition, ride maps – everything a biker needs.

2 Responses to Training Tips

  1. Jenny B says:

    I purchased the “Yoga for Runners” app on my iPhone this week ($1.99) and, so far, I really like it. I have dabbled in yoga here and there but am by no means a yogi 🙂 In fact, I never stick with it because flexbility isn’t my strength and I always think it’s too darn hard!

    However, this app has simple (yet effective) pre-run and post-run yoga workouts to stretch all of the key muscles you use while running/walking. I’ve used it for the last few days and I really feel like it’s making a difference – I feel more loose when I run and I’m not nearly as sore the next day.

    Check it out if you’re looking for a better stretch routine!


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