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So… Friday evening I opened up a delivered box, expecting to see one Kettle Weight and one DVD that I’ve been waiting for, and what do I find instead? A plethora of DVDs, including a very well-done “6 Week Transformation” … Continue reading

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12 Ways to Keep Yourself Motivated For Your Workouts/Exercise

Let’s be honest… the daily routine of working out consistently can sometimes become a drag. I constantly need to find new ways to keep me motivated to continue exercising, whether that be switching it up between biking, running, strength training, … Continue reading

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Is this the right exercise for me?

Today, I was inspired by a 1-page “Cheat Sheet” by Sarah Kathleen Peck on her blog at, which was titled “Is this the right job for me.” It got me thinking that a similar “flowchart” tool could be adapted … Continue reading

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Sitting Is Killing You!

My buddy Dan C. sent me something a little while ago… according to studies from, (AWESOME Information Graphic there – so click on that link above!) “Sitting 6+ hours per day makes you up to 40% likelier to die … Continue reading

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