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“Berry Nice” Protein Workout Smoothie Recipe

Of course, nothing is as tasty as a McDonald’s Real-Fruit Smoothie, but if you are at your house, a home-made protein smoothie after a workout or run is the perfect way to build your body, and at the same time, … Continue reading

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Got Chafing?

Got your attention? Let’s talk about basic running gear. Some people only want name brand running gear, like Nike or Reebok, which is fine. I do like Nike’s Dry-Fit Compression Shorts and I know Under Armour has some good, breathable, … Continue reading

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Interview With Our Fellow Teammate – Alexandra

Here’s another great interview to provide inspiration. This interview is with Alexandra from our Design Team. Take it away, Alexandra! I have been running for… more like jogging – 12 years. I run approximately… a few times a week as … Continue reading

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The Day the Music Died

It was a typical Wednesday morning. I woke up at 5:30 for my morning run, stretched, and was out the door. I put my headphones in and turned on my iPod…and that’s when I noticed…I was running dangerously low on … Continue reading

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Interview with our Worldwide partner – Melanie

I thought I would switch things up and interview one of our work partners from the Worldwide side. I had no idea there were as many runners between our two departments as there are! How cool! We can get to … Continue reading

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Why Do You Get Out of Bed in the Mornings?

This is just a really quick post for you from another blog I subscribe to. Chris Guillebeau is the author of what I consider a good book, “The Art of Non-Conformity.” Well, the subtitle to his book explains the subject … Continue reading

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This is Quite a Stretch!

Stretching is imperative to running, sports and fitness in general. It can save you from some really nasty injuries. Believe me… you don’t ever want to hear a loud “snap” come from your calf! Physical Therapist Debbie Pitchford says, “Stretching … Continue reading

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