Let’s just talk…

I’m definitely not a very consistent blog writer. After all, I do this for fun and to hopefully inspire others. Not only are you getting one topic tonight… you are getting four! So, without a specific theme, let’s just talk about a few things on my mind…


I’m sitting at my kitchen table right now, with my leg elevated and an ice pack wrapped around my knee. I’m going for an MRI tomorrow after seeing an Ortho/Sports Med Doctor today, who took X-rays and said he thinks I have a “Medial Meniscus Tear.” (I didn’t even know I owned a meniscus!). But I tend to “push” things… maybe it’s to see how much I can handle and maybe it’s because I am sometimes not so smart. My right knee has been very stiff (uncharacteristically so) for the last couple of weeks after running and softball practice. Finally, Monday night, I was feeling pretty good – but still a little stiff in the knee. But I was tired of waiting to feel “100%”, so I went running…I was taking it very easy, mind you. As I got about a block away, I heard (even with my earbuds on) and felt a “snap!” Pain shot all around my knee and I hobbled home in disappointment at myself.

Today, after my early-morning ortho appointment, I went directly to work. I had to explain many times about why I was limping a bit (although, I tried to be really smooth around people, hoping they wouldn’t notice). I joked about maybe going for acupuncture and someone joked back about hypnosis…I was pretty much brushing it off.

Now, that’s ALWAYS been how I handle tough things, bad events and stressful situations…I joke about it. And that’s fine, because that’s what gets me through things. And maybe it’s also OK to joke now, but until a work friend, Steve, texted me, “Dude, that injury is not to be taken lightly.”, did it hit me… I may be lucky enough to walk away from this (no pun intended!) with just a small tear of a muscle or something, but I may need surgery and not be able to run for a long time, if not ever! On top of this, the first thing I asked the Ortho Dr. was if I’d be able to still play in the Ronald McDonald House Charity Softball games in a few weeks. He pretty much chuckled and said that probably isn’t the best idea.

So, until I find out what tomorrow’s MRI says, here’s what I say… When your body is telling you something, or being stiff and sore, or you feel uncommon pain, or are having difficulties doing things you were previously able to do… listen to your body! Now is not the time to prove something or push things!


I  realized that I really enjoy the camaraderie of being with my work people after hours in some sort of exercise or team. After blowing out my calf last year on the softball team (pattern?!), I was close-minded to even try it this year from the start. I was wrong…once I saw the people who were going to be involved (just like our “Tuesday Trots”), I was in! At this point, I guess I will only be on the bleachers, still cheering my teammates on, with a cup that looks like it’s a Diet Coke, but that most probably has Sangria in it. Go “Trees!”  😉
Lesson: get to know your co-workers on a laid-back level – it will make your days much better at work and may create friendships that you may not get otherwise.


I listened to an audio-book called “Go Wild: Free Your Body and Mind from the Afflictions of Civilization”, by John J. Ratey, Richard Manning & David Perlmutter.

I have to admit, a tiny bit of this book read like I imagine a dental bridge procedure feels like. But that was just some of the science-based talk. The rest I really enjoyed!

Now, the opinions of the authors are by no means MY opinions. (That’s my disclaimer!) But, there were some solid take-aways from it.

The main topics that this book concentrated on were a necessity of “Food, Micro-Biology, Movement, Sleep, Mindfulness, Tribe & Biophyllia”

I’m not going to get into the minutia, so I will just give you the general take-aways:

Food – They said to eat no refined sugars in any form. Do not eat grain. Get your calories from real fats. No processed foods. Eat high Omega 3’s (eggs, salmon, nuts) – as much as you like. Veggies. Fruits are OK, but not in excess. Variety in food. Blah, blah, blah…easier said than done, Doc! In addition to the above, what I got from it was… Eat more fruits and veggies, just not too many fruits because they can be high in sugar. A variety of them is even better; and eat them in WHOLE form (not as supplements – because they say when you take the specific good stuff out of the veggies and fruits, it doesn’t work as well as when it is all together in it’s natural form.).

Tribe – (Others doing the same thing as us) – Get with your tribe more. We evolved as tribes from the early days. For protection AND for health. Being with, touching and hugging others also stimulates the chemical, Oxytocin within us. According to www.psychologytoday.com, “It also acts as a neurotransmitter in the brain. In fact, the hormone plays a huge role in pair bonding.” Sleeping together in tribes is actually healthier and more natural than sleeping alone. The book even mentions sleeping with a pet is better than not.

Move – Do full-body exercise – cross fit is best because the variety targets all body muscles. Doing it out in nature is best – sun, hills, natural obstacles. Do it with your tribe also gives you more engagement with your tribe.

And finally,


If you love someone – tell them. If you REALLY care for someone, you will not be “too busy” for them. Call them, text them, email them – any way is fine, just so they know you are thinking of them… don’t wait until it is too late!!! Last week, my cousin lost the battle with Cancer. I’m not going to go into it, but the main thing I learned from that was, time is the ONLY true currency you, yourself owns…if something is not worth your currency…don’t do it! However, if something IS worth your time, you sure damn well better do it! Because, you never know about tomorrow. So, go tell your loved ones right now how you feel or if you appreciate them – it goes so much further than you think!

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