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Bag of Tricks…

In honor of Halloween, let’s just go with an assorted bag of tricks today… “Trick or Treat, use your feet, give me something good to eat!” Maybe we can start a new trend having that as the new Halloween slogan! … Continue reading

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Now that the Chicago Marathon is over…

… I checked in with the US TL&D running/walking team to see how it went, if they finished it and what their plans are now. Will they train for a Triathelon? Will they drop off the running scene entirely? Let’s … Continue reading

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Were you a little naughty today, when faced with temptation?

Keeping on track in your healthy choice goals is tough work. There are so many excuses you can come up with to thwart your efforts, like eating unhealthy, saying you don’t have enough time to exercise, deciding you won’t be … Continue reading

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Marathon Special Edition: Mind Over Matter – “If it was easy, everyone could do it. You are the one who will make it.”

I love the quote in the title of this post. It’s appropriate for many things in life as well as running a marathon. It came from They are a GREAT resource for health and fitness. More to come on … Continue reading

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“Muscle-Making Chili” for your nutritional needs

Who’s ready for a new recipe?! This one is perfect for re-fueling post-marathon, post-workout or even just for when you are looking for a tasty, protein-rich fall dish. I made this on Sunday and it left me with 5 more … Continue reading

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