Vitamix Blender sale – one of the best investments you can make

VitamixJust a short/sweet today . . . select Vitamix blenders are on sale up to $150 off, now until March 18th, at Williams Sonoma. Plus, you get free shipping!

Now, why would I care to share this with you?

Well, if I had to pick a handful of objects I own that made the biggest difference in my everyday life, one of those would be my Vitamix blender.

I’ve found Vitamix blenders to be versatile, strong and easy to clean. I researched many brands of blenders, processors, pulsers and even tried and returned a Ninja that I thought was the best of the bunch.

Initially, I didn’t think I could afford a Vitamix (or justify purchasing one) . . . yes, they are a pretty big investment when it comes to an appliance. But the quality is worth the investment.

I wanted a new blender around 4 or 5 years ago when I began making protein fruit/veggie smoothies after my runs.

I began with a Magic Bullet, which was great for making single serve smoothies, right in a take-and-go cup. It was perfect initially, but as I made extra for a snack later in the day, I wanted something larger. And to be honest, the MB didn’t quite blend all the fruits and vegetables as finely as I like.

So, a friend (John B.) from work turned me on to a site that sold reconditioned Vitamix blenders. At first I was leery of buying one reconditioned, but it came with a good warranty. I saved over $100 and it’s been awesome ever since!

My Vitamix is a fun red color, has a super-strong motor that blends everything from ice to almonds. Plus, it doesn’t only crush ice . . . I’ve made the best southwest tortilla soup I’ve ever tasted using it. I have used it as a food processor as well.

Additionally, it makes an incredible cocktail base when you blend ice with nearly any fresh or frozen fruit!

It cleans so easily too . . . all you do is put hot tap water with dishwashing soap in it, put it back on the base, turn it on for a bit and rinse it with clean water.

So, if you’re looking for some help for your Easter prep, or even just want to make smooth smoothies, head over to the Vitamix sale at Williams Sonoma before March 18th!

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