My first Amazon Kindle book release! “Fun Fixes – Lasting Weight Loss Through Easy Exercise & Healthy Eating”

Make Time To Change. No dietiing or hours working out in the gym.A few months ago, I created another blog ( to support my upcoming book, tentatively named, “Make Time To Change: The Busy Person’s Guide to Improving Your Life Today.”

The posts on there are aimed at providing quick & easy ways to make positive changes in your busy life.

A few of the posts there are:
11 Ways to Become a Superhero at Confidence and Save the Day
How to make your life better right now by realizing we all have confirmation bias

10 Easy Forms of Exercise When You’re Ready to Throw in the (Gym) Towel

I didn’t know the exact steps for self-publishing a Kindle book on Amazon, so before my “life-changer” book comes out, I wanted to test the waters with a different book.

To do that, I put together the very best tips and information I had researched for all of you for this blog and combined it in a nice, compact, easy-to-read eBook format.

Today, I published it to the Amazon Kindle site!

What is the name of the book you ask?…

Fun Fixes – Lasting Weight Loss Through Easy Exercise and Healthy Eating

…and what is the book about?

It is the best of what I have learned in SUPPORTING you in weight loss, INSPIRING you to make healthy changes for yourself & loved ones and MOTIVATING you to do bigger and better things.

Where can you purchase the Fun Fixes book?

Right HERE.

If you purchase NOW you can get it for only $2.99! After midnight this Sunday, the price goes up to $7.99!

If you get the book, please leave a glowing 4 or 5 star review there. That would be HUGE for helping my present rankings as well as future ones!

NOTE: If you don’t have a Kindle reader and need a PDF or iBooks file, just purchase the Kindle version, email me a screen capture of your receipt and I will personally send you any type of file you need.

Buy Fun Fixes book hereThank you!



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