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Tilapia Tacos Recipe

Oh, man! Its not often that I experiment, making up my own recipe, and come up with something I REALLY like. But two nights ago I made some fish tacos that really towed the line! Let’s cut to the chase… … Continue reading

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App Overload

There are SO many apps out there for health and fitness, how are we to figure out which one (or 10!) to use?! I don’t know about you, but I have a really difficult time finding the perfect App – … Continue reading

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“Pee-wee Salads” – How to Make Boring Salads Better

Plain lettuce salads really bore me. Iceberg lettuce, some shredded carrots… blah! I have no motivation to eat them, especially when Iceberg lettuce has less vitamins in it than many other leafy greens. So, right off, I always choose a … Continue reading

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