App Overload

There are SO many apps out there for health and fitness, how are we to figure out which one (or 10!) to use?! I don’t know about you, but I have a really difficult time finding the perfect App – not only in the health & fitness arena, but in ANY category.

For example… I really researched note-taking Apps for my iPad. There are so many out there, so I spent more than one night looking through more ratings than if I was looking at “Consumer Reports Magazine” going to buy a car. What I was looking for was a simple interface where I could both take notes by typing, but easily switch to drawing things within my notes. Kind of like an electronic sketch book. So, finally, I bought what people raved about as the best thing since sliced (whole grain, of course!) bread. I even shed out $5.99 for it, since it was so highly rated. I know in the big scheme of things, that’s not much, but it adds up and there are plenty of free Apps out there anyway.

So, now I try to go “cold turkey” with paper and pen and take only my iPad to a meeting. Once I started to TRY and take notes it took too much to switch from typing to drawing that I forgot what to write down. Plus, there was the weird “wrist protection” area that I couldn’t move. I never had to deal with any of that with my paper note/sketch book!

Then, at a convention, I noticed my Director taking notes on her iPad and it looked like she could even make bulleted lists and many other basic word-processing functions we have become so used to with technology. So, I asked her what she used and downloaded it for 99¢ that very day, and I have to say that it is the best thing for taking notes now! But I digress…

The reason I mention the note-taking App is because just like with that, there are countless Apps out there for health and fitness. I’ve also downloaded quite a few of those, which sit on my iPhone like hockey players on a bench, just waiting to get in the game.

So, how do you narrow down getting the right app for health & fitness? Well, I figure either word of mouth or articles on respectable blogs and websites.

I happened to come across an article called “The 63 Best Health & Fitness Apps” on my new favorite health & fitness blog, called Greatist. I checked the post out and there were actually several apps that I have tried myself. Check the article out here.

One of my favorite apps, that was also in one of my first posts ever, is Fooducate. This is the app where you simply scan the barcode of a food product, while you are at the store, and it will tell you a grade of how healthy it is. It grades on the normal school scale of “A to F.”  It will also give you better choices. Still love this app and use it to this day!

Another app I regularly use that is in that article is the “Nike+ GPS“, which records my runs simply an with the route I went.

There is a Couch-to-5K app in the article too, but the one that I used to start running over a year ago is the “Ease into 5K” by Bluefin software, LLC. Highly recommended! Because if it was able to get me to be able to run a 5K, then ANYONE can!

So, again, check out the article and test out some new apps. And if they are free — just try them out for yourself, maybe you will find the diamond in the rough!

Let me know any good health & fitness apps you have come across too.

Yours in fun fitness, Mike

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4 Responses to App Overload

  1. Alexandra says:

    Great blog article! Reminded me to use the Fooducate app at the grocery store – especially with my hubbie who likes to dump all sorts of junkie food into the shopping cart.


  2. lschwecherl says:

    Laura here from — couldn’t find an email. Wanted to say thanks for sharing and so glad you’re enjoying the site!


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