“Walk,” don’t run! The fate of the world is up to YOU!

Who isn’t looking for the easiest form of exercise on Earth, that can be done while listening to an exciting audio story in which you will get fully immersed in?!

Would any of you prefer to walk instead of run? Do you like apocalypse-types of books or movies? Do you want to star in one? Well, then this post is for you!

H43b2EQ3uGFWkTMZxmndLkqUQmwCkohmA5rVJqIyy4hs5gknCLpkPdnViB-bL8kyXIob=w300Yesterday, I was checking out a new fitness app that looked interesting in the App Store and I happened to come across a new game called “The Walk” by the same makers of the fun “Zombies, Run!” app I’ve talked about in a previous post. (Read about it here)

Once I saw it, I had to check it out right away. About 3 weeks ago I pulled my calf running (again!) and had been taking it easy, but this week I began running every couple of days again. I’m only up to 1-1/2 miles until I have to walk for a little. But, I don’t want to overdo it, since it was actually the “Zombies, Run!” app that pulled it this last time! I guess once I pulled it (last fall, during softball), its going to keep coming back to haunt me. I’m just not equipped for HIIT (Google it, or maybe I’ll do a future post on what HIIT is).

Seeing a story-based app that was made for walking… I was all over it! And right now you can get it for a crazy 99¢!!! Timing is everything!

So, today at lunch, I downloaded the app and went for a walk around the Oak Brook mall for a quick 20 minute walk. (Sweat much? Yes!)

Sporting my bluetooth earbuds, I started the “game” and began walking and listening. (No, you don’t have to do anything weird that strangers would see you and call you a freak!) You merely walk and it follows you with GPS tracking and even provides you with how many steps you took in an episode. I don’t know how accurate the tracker is – I rely more on my Fitbit One for accuracy. Actually, it said something about “sedentary time” and “travel time,” so, I think if you leave it on, it will follow your whole day somehow! (Whoa – don’t tell your wife! lol)

The story begins where some government (?) organization knows something bad is about to happen, and something even BIGGER and badder will follow, which may spell the end of the world as we know it. (I’m having heart palpitations just thinking about it!)

So far, after doing it at lunch and after work while walking my dog, all I know is that the tipping of events has just begun and it is MY job to make sure something in my possession gets to the right people to save the world. (Of course. this is not the first time the fate of the world has rested on my broad shoulders! But that’s another story…)

Now, they set up the game, talking about weird stuff like the wolf population exploding and a couple other things I wasn’t really listening to in the beginning, because I was busy trying to figure out the app itself… so, I’m sure that will come into play later. (Check out the manual or the tutorial in the app before you begin it, so you don’t miss anything like I did.)

I love books and I love walking & running, so this app is the best of both worlds for me! If you have similar interests, or just want something to motivate you to walk and get some easy exercise, this is for you too!

Right now, it is only 99¢ – this is the time to get it! At that price, you can get it and a Chocolate Dipped Cone at McDonald’s for under $2! What’a’deal!!! Go here to check it out.


pizzaOn a side note, for dinner, I made an awesome pizza on the grill tonight. Sprouted grain crust, red, yellow and orange peppers, onions, spinach, fresh mozzarella, garden-grown basil… it tastes AWESOME and has so many less calories than it would have had if I ordered it from a pizza joint. Try it – its easier than you think! (This was just a non-related side-bar.)



The-Walk-2Time to get back to the real focus of the post – get some new, fun, pep in your step with “The Walk” app! There are ineractive maps (like the one on the right), dialogue, an intense story…! Go here to get it now – that is if you’re not a sissy! 

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4 Responses to “Walk,” don’t run! The fate of the world is up to YOU!

  1. Debbie Kuby says:

    Mike, I love your blogs! They make me laugh. I too was out walking and running tonight for 4 miles, which is a lot for me! The weather was awesome. I saw a beautiful pink sunset and a full moon. A great way to end a day! You have intrigued me with the walking app. I’ll have to check it out. I tried the zombie one. Sleep well my friend.


  2. Joanne Rach says:

    Nice post, Mike! I’ll definitely check out the app. (And you should post your pizza recipe!)


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