Work Out Anywhere, Anytime

Many of us travel. Okay, maybe I, personally, don’t travel so much, but I know many of YOU travel. Whether it be for work or just for fun. And yes, even if we are on vacation, sometimes we “get a bee in our bonnet” to at least do a quick workout while out of town.

But what if you are staying at a motel with no workout room or just want to get a quick 2-minute pump-up before going out for cocktails?

Well, this post will help you find quick exercises, that you can do anywhere, with no equipment.

batman-original-workoutFirst of all, my FAVORITE site right now is at This site has no less than  100 FREE workouts. It is everything I like… fitness, free, unlimited themes (workouts to become superheroes, Bruce Lee or even just improve planks) and actual 30 day workout schedules. Did I mention everything is free?! Of course I was drawn right to the Batman workouts! 😉

The cool thing is that all the workouts are using drawn graphics to show what the exercise is, with the name of the exercise below it. Also, on most, there are 3 levels in case you want to take it easy or work out like a madman.

I think once Neila Rey drew each body-weight exercise graphic, he or she was able to combine them in different workouts, so that you can work mostly arms, legs, core, whole-body… Neila usually has a new one for the main character of a current movie. A recent one is for Captain America. But I’m telling you… you can find anything from Game of Thrones house workouts (stronger arms for pulling arrows in bows) to the best workout to get strong enough to fight off “Walkers” (Walking Dead).

10-reasons-to-get-fit-introI think that is my favorite thing about this site – that Neila groups them according to categories by modern pop media themes.

Holy moly – I just clicked on a link that said “running” and there are even more workouts and running basics and programs “from walking to running in 30 days”… unbelievable! [Now, I’m going to be spending another 2 hours on this awesome site.]

Feel free to donate some money to keep their great site free.

There are fitness tips, how to eat healthier, even recipes! I have looked at this site many times, but never saw all the info that was on there until now. BIG thank you to Neila Rey! XOXO! [Whether or not you are a girl or guy – I still don’t know, since I didn’t see an “About Me” page]


Screen Shot 2014-04-30 at 8.31.13 PMThe second thing I want to mention in this blog is the “Quick 4 Minute Workout – Tabata” iPhone App (Google it or I can have a post on it in the future). It touts that you can get a great workout in just 4 minutes! I love one of the reviews, that said, “I don’t want to spend any more than four minutes doing anything, so this is a good approach to exercise. Unfortunately I am still actively sweating long after the 4 minutes is up.” [Love that!]

I’m leery to say that maybe this is a good thing for some of us lazier people, but instead I will say that “It might be good for those of us with busy schedules, who don’t typically enjoy working out on a regular basis.” [Sound politically correct enough?!] This App is free, so it can’t hurt downloading and trying it. There is also a 7 minute workout, in case you have an extra 3 minutes to spare.

I always say that SOME exercise is ALWAYS better than none – even just 4 minutes! So grab this App.

wonder-woman-workoutAnd honestly, don’t forget to visit the Neila Rey site. Simply awesome. I’m going to leave you with one for the ladies from there…



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