I have many layers to me

I just got home, after doing “Workout Wednesdays” with some of my coworkers. They all opted for the yoga class tonight (yawn), but I did elliptical and weight training until they got out an hour later. It felt good doing that with them – it motivates you more and makes you follow through with it. Plus, it is great camaraderie!

On the other side of the coin from exercise, on the never-ending quest to make eating healthy easier, I have been experimenting with making  grab-and-go salads on Sundays for a few lunches during the week. This post is kind of the next step from a previous, similar post. FarmersFridge

I first saw the idea in a story about Farmer’s Fridge, which is a kiosk (a kind of salad vending machine), located on Clark street in Chicago. They put salads in reusable/recyclable jars. You know how much I love my Ball Jars, so I thought it was a great idea! In fact, I’m betting the McDonald’s McSalad Shakers (I believe those were available in 2000) was where they got their idea from. [As a side-note, I thought it was funny that I came across a Facebook page titled, “Bring back the McDonald’s Salad Shaker!” Also, as I have mentioned in a previous post, my fave salad is McDonald’s Southwest Salad with Grilled Chicken and lowfat balsamic dressing, so I usually go for that when I can. Yum!]

I checked out the different kinds of salads on the Farmer’s Fridge website and there are so many to choose from – just click here to be taken directly to them! They have the Antioxidant Salad, High Protein Salad, Detox Salad… and many more. The beautiful thing is they show nice pics of them, right down to each ingredient layer. So, instead of “reinventing the wheel,” I figured why not just harvest their great tried-and-true ideas for use in salads I can make myself. They literally tell you what is in them (the Detox Salad has Organic kale, organic quinoa, sprouts, fennel, pineapple, blueberries, white beans & cider vinegar-lemon dressing), so all you need to do is go to the grocery store, buy those ingredients, chop them up (or in the case of the quinoa, cook it) and layer them all in a Mason Jar yourself, in the order of the photos on their site. Easy!


Layered Greek Salad

The favorite salad I have made so far is a simple Greek Salad, which I had for lunch today. I layered the ingredients in this order, cherry tomatoes at the bottom, then drizzled fat-free balsamic vinegar (or whatever dressing you would like), followed by cucumbers, then lowfat Feta cheese and finally the baby spinach leaves at the very top. I kicked myself, because I also had bought pitted Kalamata olives and forgot to put them in! Ugh! I would have put those right above the cucumbers though. Then, when you pull the salad out for lunch, pour it all out into a large bowl and you’re all set! You can even add pre-cooked chicken breast as a layer above the cheese if you’d like. Salad_2Since I first began making these, I have also seen other jarred salads online, so I’m sure if you go to Pinterest or even just Google “salad jar”, you’ll probably get many other ideas.  Or just try your own concoction and post it to a comment below. Share with us – no one likes a one-sided conversation!

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2 Responses to I have many layers to me

  1. Tami says:

    I love this idea! I do not have jars but have given much thought into buying them. Apparently it is time to stand up and make the purchase. I will have to try some of these because I am the type of person who if I don’t pack my lunch the night before I am too lazy to do it most morning and will end up going out for lunch. This would be so easy to make a few at the beginning of the week and eliminate my laziness. Thanks!


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