Eat Your Water

by Jenny B.

I recently saw an article in a special issue of Runner’s World (July) called, “Eat Your Water,” that immediately caught my attention. Hydration is something that I try to be careful about…ever since I passed out at marching band camp in front of all my peers…true story! I still don’t think it’s right to keep those kids out in the parking lot for 8 hours a day…but I digress.

Hydrating your body properly before, during, and after a workout is key – especially as the summer continues to heat up. This article provides information about some tasty foods that are not only water-rich but that also contain nutrients that can boost your performance and health.

H2O + Electrolytes Cantaloupe, Peaches, Strawberries
H2O + Vitamin C Watermelon, Kiwi, Citrus
H2O + Recovery Pineapple, Cherries
H2O + Immunity Yogurt, Kefir (a yogurt-like drink)
H2O + Digestion Beans (kidney, pinto, garbanzo)

Additionally, I learned that coconut water has fewer calories and more electrolytes than sports drinks! I tried it this weekend and, while I don’t love the taste, I will certainly drink it for the benefits.

So load up on some delicious summer fruits and fuel yourself for those hot summer workouts at the same time!

– Jenny B.

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