Interview with our Worldwide partner – Laura

In addition to being talented in educational training, our Worldwide partners are talented in marathon training! Let’s get to know Laura a bit and get some great tips from her in this interview.

I have been running for… just a few months – since January 2011.

I run approximately… 40 minutes, 3-4 days a week.

I began running so that… I could be motivated to lose the baby weight! I had my first baby in October 2010 – and my goal to help get back in shape was to sign up for the 2011 Shamrock Shuffle. I’ve been going strong ever since!

The reason I chose running to begin in the first place is… its easy – fairly inexpensive and requires little equipment!

The best motivation that keeps me running is… my shrinking waist line!

The best gear I have found is… SmartWool running socks – and custom insoles!

My greatest accomplishment in this area so far is… Running “The Toughest 10K in the Midwest” – a hilly course through Joliet, Illinois’ cathedral district…in the rain.. Finish time – about 65 minutes.

My goal is to… run in as many organized 5K – 10K races as I can this summer.

My favorite song list that really gets me running is… Dog Days Are Over – by Florence + the Machine, White Knuckles – OK Go, Evacuate the Dance Floor – Cascada.

If I could give 3 pieces of great advice for other, newer runners, it would be…

  1. invest in some good shoes
  2. run your own race and only compete against yourself
  3. wear sunscreen!


Thanks, Laura! I bought a pair of SmartWool socks at your suggestion. Stay tuned for more interviews from our teammates and our partners.

– Mike

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